Does LipoMelt Anti-Cellulite Treatment Work?

Exercising and observing a strict diet are tiring to do especially when results are slow and you don’t seem to be going anywhere. People naturally want faster and more visible results, and LipoMelt anti-cellulite treatment is one of the many procedures that have recently seen some popularity. This treatment promises instant aesthetic improvement by removing fat tissue, facilitating cellulite reduction, and giving you healthy skin.

So does LipoMelt anti-cellulite treatment work? Yes, LipoMelt anti-cellulite treatment is effective against stubborn areas such as the face, hips, and upper arms that don’t improve through just exercise and diet. It’s undoubtedly safe because it’s non-invasive and only requires topicals and LED light energy instead of the usual surgical, invasive procedures.

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How LipoMelt Anti-Cellulite Treatment Works

LipoMelt anti-cellulite treatment, also known as red-light therapy, has two wavelengths of light that work in different ways but result in the same fat-free and skin tightening effect. 

One wavelength works by remodeling the collagen framework of the body by increasing collagen production and by improving blood flow through the capillaries. These processes result in tighter, better-looking skin.

Another wavelength of the unique LED light system alters the permeability of the fat cell membrane. In effect, fat cells absorb 70% light energy, which is comparably better than the 40% absorption rate of fat cells for lasers. This process results in the melting of unwanted fat cells to be eliminated in the body. 

In this regard, similar to all cellulite treatment modalities available, the LipoMelt treatment is capable of body contouring by improving the appearance of unsightly cellulite and loose skin. It’s capable of melting fats while tightening the skin, resulting in a smoother skin appearance and a fat-free body. 

The LipoMelt treatment helps unwanted fat cells get broken down into free fatty acids and glycerol more quickly. These free fatty acids and glycerol then find their way through the bloodstream where they will be delivered to be used as fuel or are eliminated naturally through the lymphatic drainage of the body.

How LipoMelt Anti-Cellulite Treatment Is Administered

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It starts with the technician talking to you regarding what areas you would like to target. They will then take initial measurements of these areas which will be compared with the measurements after the treatment. 

The treatment session proper is initiated with the technician wrapping the LipoMelt light therapy pads (black pads with ports connected to them) around the areas that you talked about that you want to focus on. These may be the exercise-resistant areas such as the hips, upper arms, and buttocks, but whatever it is, you can choose whether you want to do them simultaneously together or just focus on your target area of choice. 

The technician will hit start and the backside of the LipoMelt pads light up. The LipoMelt anti-cellulite treatment is administered while you take a nap and relax. You just lay down on the treatment table while waiting for it to finish within 20 minutes of treatment time.

There’s also a topically-applied, home care version bearing the same name which is another treatment option for patients if you don’t want invasive treatments. It involves a variety of products that are topically applied in the areas you wish to tighten and lose fat on. 

The first two steps of the topically-applied LipoMelt anti-cellulite treatment involve the exfoliation and massage methods. This is followed by dissolving 500 mg of vitamin C on hot water to allow the LipoMelt patches to work faster. 

The LipoMelt patch is then applied face down to hot water and then transferred to the target area which is then insulated using a fabric towel and left for 10 to 20 minutes to let the LipoMelt patches do their work. Adjacent tissues are also said to be affected and not just the target area with the use of this technique.

After leaving the patch for the specified amount of time, the target area is then massaged and applied with contouring cream. Finally, an additional boost of vitamins with aloe vera and gingko biloba extract is applied to the target area to allow better blood circulation and melting of fat.

Number Of Sessions Needed

Results can instantly be observed even after just 1 to 2 treatments. However, for more satisfactory results, sessions are done successively and close together (2 to 3 times a week) to allow optimal fat cell permeability, remodeling of collagen formation, and microcirculation improvement. 

The number of sessions needed depends on the number of fats that you want to lose in the area you wish to improve. Say you want to lose 8 to 10 inches from your abdominal skin, then 10 to 12 sessions will be recommended since an average of 1 to 2 inches may be lost per session.

You may also opt to continue the sessions for maintenance and to prevent the deposits of cellulite from building up again in the future especially if your caloric intake exceeds your body’s needs.

Healthy Lifestyle Modifications Needed

It’s advised to prepare prior to the treatment by following these reminders:

  1. Hydrate properly by drinking lots of water before the treatment to allow more fats to be flushed out of your system with the help of water consumption.
  2. Avoid eating an hour before and after the treatment to avoid the risk of nausea and vomiting. Caloric intake should be reduced as well.
  3. Avoid applying anything to the skin around and near the areas that you wish to apply the treatment on to avoid discomfort and irritation.
  4. Protect your liver by slowly letting go of your unhealthy lifestyle, limiting alcohol consumption before and after the treatment.

On the other hand, no drastic lifestyle changes are required after the treatment although it is suggested that you reduce your caloric intake to supplement the weight loss effects of the LipoMelt anti-cellulite treatment. At least 10 minutes of regular exercise is also recommended to further improve blood circulation and achieve more satisfactory results.

Is LipoMelt Anti-Cellulite Treatment Safe?

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Only minor side effects may be expected when the LipoMelt anti-cellulite treatment is administered especially with the proper technique. Typically, redness may be observed although it is nothing to worry about and isn't even an allergic reaction. It’s in fact desirable because it shows that blood circulation has improved in the area where it was administered. Pain and discomfort aren’t reported when the treatment process is ongoing. Bruises, scratches, and strands of scar tissue are also not associated with this medical procedure.

Moreover, the most important factor in its safety is that it is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction, meaning it’s only applied outside the body and doesn’t require exploration of the internal organs, unlike traditional liposuction procedures. With that, systemic side effects of traditional lipoplasty techniques are expected to not occur with red-light therapy.

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