Does QWO for Cellulite Work?

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How Does QWO Work in Eliminating Cellulite?

Cellulite is a common condition that’s prevalent among women. But unlike what most people believe, cellulite isn’t a result of excess body fat or weight gain. The cellulite dimple on the skin’s surface is a result of the way the fat cells are arranged underneath the skin. It’s a condition that affects women of different ages, body types, and weights.

Women store fat cells in a column and in between the connective tissue called fibrous septae that tether the skin to the muscle. These fibrous bands pull the skin down while the fat cells push upward, causing depression on the skin’s surface called cellulite dimpling.

The stubborn cellulite found in the thighs, arms, stomach, buttocks, or other parts of the body isn’t a health concern. However, severe cellulite causes most women to become self-conscious about their bodies, which is why they try different treatments to get rid of it.

QWO treatment is a cellulite reduction procedure that utilizes collagenase clostridium histolyticum aaes to dissolve the fibrous septae bands and reduce the dimpled appearance on the treatment area. The QWO injection also helps improve skin laxity by boosting the body’s production of a new collagen band.

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QWO injections are generally safe, as long as they’re injected by an experienced injector or cosmetic medicine doctor like our experts here at the Cellulite Treatment Center of NJ. Each of our treatment sessions is performed inside state-of-the-art facilities to ensure patient comfort and safety during their treatment visit.

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What Should You Expect in the Cellulite Treatment Center of NJ’s QWO Cellulite Treatment?

At the Cellulite Treatment Center of NJ, we prioritize each of our patient’s comfort and safety during the treatment. Here’s what to expect during a treatment session in our facility:



Each treatment here at the Cellulite Treatment Center of NJ starts with a consultation with one of our cosmetic medicine experts. During the initial consultation, the patient is asked about their medical history, existing conditions, and medications to find out if QWO treatment is the right procedure for them. If they’re allergic to collagenase enzyme or other active ingredients in the QWO injectables, then they’re advised to consider other treatments.

Once the doctor determines that the patient is qualified for the procedure, they perform a cellulite investigation to determine the cellulite severity classification based on the 2009 cellulite severity scale. The cellulite in the injected site might be classified as:

  • Mild – Slightly sagging skin with “orange peel” texture; the presence of 1 to 4 superficial depressions
  • Moderate – Moderately sagging skin with “cottage cheese” texture; the presence of 5 to 9 medium-depth depressions
  • Severe – Severely sagging skin with “mattress” texture; the presence of 10 or more deep depressions


The QWO procedure is much like a Botox or dermal filler treatment. Our injector asks the patient to lie down before administering the medication to the injection site. Patients may request topical anesthesia to help them manage the pain during the procedure.


The entire treatment only takes about 10 minutes to an hour, depending on the severity of the cellulite and the number of treatment areas. Patients usually notice visible results a few weeks after their third treatment session. They may enjoy smoother and cellulite-free for a few months.

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Comparing QWO Cellulite Treatment Process vs. Other Procedures

QWO treatment is only one of the many cosmetic procedures that were developed to eliminate cellulite in different parts of the body. Learning about how each treatment works helps patients create informed decisions about their bodies. Here are some of the most common cellulite treatments, how they work, and how effective they are in eliminating cellulite dimples:

How They WorkHow Effective are They
QWOThis non-invasive treatment utilizes injectables to break up the fibrous connective tissue beneath the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.Based on clinical trials, patients experienced up to 45% improvement in cellulite severity.
CellulazeThis type of laser treatment uses a special device to cut the fibrous bands that cause some parts of the skin to sink.Clinical trials showed a 23%-29% increase in skin thickness after the procedure.
CellfinaThis procedure utilizes needles to cut the connective tissues and reduce cellulite on the skin’s surface.About 98% of the treated patients still have smoother skin in the treated area two years after the treatment.
KybellaThis fat-melting treatment targets the enlarged fat cells instead of the fibrous septae underneath the skin.Since cellulite isn’t fat, Kybella isn’t very effective in getting rid of cellulite dimples. However, this treatment is a good complementary procedure to other cellulite removal treatments.
LiposuctionThis cosmetic procedure removes excess fat from the problem areas using a cannula.Liposuction by itself isn’t very effective in reducing cellulite. It needs to be paired with another surgical procedure like abdominoplasty to produce optimal results.

Is QWO Cellulite Treatment the Right Procedure for You?

QWO cellulite treatments work best for individuals with moderate to severe cellulite in different parts of their bodies. Ideal candidates for this treatment should have good overall health without allergies to collagenase enzymes and the other ingredients used in the QWO injection. They also shouldn’t have an active infection in the treatment area.

While this treatment is generally safe, it might not be the best procedure for other patients. You’re not qualified for a QWO treatment if you’re:

  • Pregnant or lactating
  • Diagnosed with a bleeding disorder
  • Taking anticoagulant medications

Get Rid of Cellulite in the Body with QWO Cellulite Treatments at the Cellulite Treatment Center of NJ

Cellulite isn’t a harmful condition that necessarily requires cosmetic surgery, but it’s not easily treated with simple weight loss strategies either. It’s better to consult with a cosmetic medicine doctor to find out the best non-invasive treatment that works for you.

QWO treatment is a quick and effective cellulite removal procedure that reduces the appearance of cellulite for most patients who don’t want to go through surgery. Learn more about this treatment now by consulting with one of our expert doctors here at the Cellulite Treatment Center of NJ.

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