How Effective Is the Celluless MD Anti-Cellulite Device?

Men and women all over the world are all prone to having cellulite- which is why there's a wide assortment of anti-cellulite solutions like rollers and other medical devices that promise to bring a fast and efficient solution to cellulite. Massagers, microneedling devices, and suction cups all claim to help you remove cellulite easily, with products like Celluless MD getting the most press and attention as of late.

So how effective is the Celluless Anti Cellulite treatment? Unfortunately, the evidence (and the science) says that you should spend your time and money on something else. While you can get some improvements with the appearance of your skin with regular use of your Celluless device, it doesn't work in a way that allows it to get rid of cellulite effectively. For cases of moderate to severe cellulite, it doesn't help you experience any improvements at all.

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How Does The Celluless Anti-Cellulite Treatment Work?

The Celluless anti-cellulite treatment usually refers to a small, handheld device that you use on your skin to get rid of cellulite. By combining massage therapy, vacuum suction, and red light therapy, it promises to help get rid of fat cells and promote blood circulation to remove cellulite.

Specifically, it does this in the following ways:

  • Massage therapy: by using deep tissue massage rollers, the devices stimulate breaking down fat deposits by physically wearing them down through the layers of your skin
  • Vacuum suction: stimulates additional blood circulation on the treated area, which breaks down fat and allows more efficient waste removal
  • Red light therapy: precise applications of LED red lights improve collagen production, which boosts your skin's resilience against normal wear and tear and the signs of aging

All of these treatments are smaller versions of other treatments that you can find commercially or with a cosmetic/medical provider. By combining all these treatments into one package, Celluless aims to provide a comprehensive and easy way to remove cellulite at home.

What The Science Says About This Treatment

The simplest explanation as to why the Celluless anti-cellulite device isn't so effective on cellulite treatments is that it's trying to do too many things at once, which sacrifices the efficacy of all the processes when put together.

There's a reason why cosmetic providers don't try to combine multiple skin rejuvenation or fat removal treatments into a single session: aside from your body not being able to take the strain, trying to cram too many things into a single treatment can make the overall treatment less effective.

The processes used in the Celluless aren't ineffective - in fact, each one of them taken by itself can have some benefit to rejuvenating the skin. But by combining them into a single device, Celluless massively cuts the efficacy of each process, so you gain little to no benefits at all.

QWO Injections: A Non-Invasive Method To Remove Cellulite

Before and After image of Cellulite Treatment

If you're looking for a safe, efficient, and FDA-approved method to get rid of cellulite, a QWO injection is the treatment that you're looking for. Ideal for moderate to severe cases of cellulite, this injection represents the latest developments in skincare. With the consistent, careful, and skilled application of these injections, you can easily get rid of cellulite for good.

QWO injections work by targeting the root cause of sagging skin: the septae that connect your skin to your muscles. These bands that connect your tissue lie deep beneath the skin, so most advertised methods of getting rid of cellulite won't reach them at all - or require an invasive procedure like plastic surgery to do it.

However, QWO injections don't work that way. By dissolving the septae itself, you're able to free your skin to level out with the rest of the surrounding area, which gets rid of the dimpled appearance of cellulite. Combined with other skin rejuvenating treatments, it's an effective and proven way to get rid of cellulite without having to resort to invasive treatments.

QWO injections require zero downtime and have virtually no side effects at all aside from the ones you'd normally experience from a needlepoint injection. They also boost elastin and collagen production in your skin, which helps give it a smoother appearance long-term!

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Celluless MD's anti-cellulite device isn't the best method to address your cellulite - but luckily, you have other options you can consider for cellulite treatments. There's no particular harm in using a Celluless massager in your daily beauty routines (as long as you use it properly) but you shouldn't expect any visible or even reliable results from your device. If you're looking for a tried-and-tested way of getting your cellulite managed, then it's time to look at other options instead.

Cellulite Treatment Center NJ has extensive experience in managing cellulite without the need for plastic surgery. As experts in QWO cellulite treatment, we use the latest skin rejuvenation therapies and treatments to help you get smoother, younger, and more radiant skin. If you want to know more about us and how we can use QWO injections to get rid of your cellulite, contact us today.

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