How Scrubs with Tangerine Extract Work on Cellulite

Many people dread the appearance of cellulite on their bodies, which you can usually find at the thighs and buttocks. Resembling dimples on the skin, cellulite is acquired as fatty tissues under the skin become noticeable on the surface. Cellulite on the thighs and buttocks might be one of the most difficult problems to address. The good thing is there are options for scrubs that may help reduce the appearance of these unflattering dimples.

So how do scrubs with tangerine extract help reduce the appearance of your cellulite? The tangerine extract helps with improving metabolism and circulation. Scrubs, particularly coffee scrubs, improve your blood flow, eliminate the excess water in your body, and assist your lymphatic drainage. Meanwhile, massaging your cellulite using a scrub with tangerine extract may help remove or avoid cellulite.

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How Scrubs with Tangerine Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite is difficult to get rid of. Some people even get helpless because of how seemingly impossible it is to remove them. So how can a simple scrub with tangerine extract work as an effective anti-cellulite product?

1) Scrubs and Cellulite

There isn't any solid evidence yet that scrubs with tangerine extract can get rid of cellulite. But according to customer review blogs and magazines, they can do wonders and give you beautiful skin. The positive results of body scrubs on your skin may be caused by the process called dry brushing.

Dry brushing is using the process of massaging your skin using a brush with stiff bristles. It helps exfoliate and hydrate dry skin, detoxify, and increase circulation and digestion. Dry brushing twice a week may also help improve the flow of your lymphatic system and massage your fibrous bands and adipose tissue, which will smoothen cellulite deposits and address different skin conditions.

Among all scrubs, coffee scrubs have been the ones gaining traction more than tangerine scrubs. This is probably partly because caffeine has antioxidant properties that may be good for your skin. A compound found in it, called phenols, may get rid of the free radicals in your body. It's said that caffeine can aid in skin tightening as it dilates your blood vessels. As it improves your blood flow, it can also eliminate excess water in your body. This process can help flush out fat deposits in your skin.

The rough texture of coffee grounds may also help remove dead skin cells and give you softer skin. It can provide a reliable protective barrier on the skin.

Like scrubs with tangerine extract, there aren't many studies yet to back up the claim that using coffee scrubs can get rid of cellulite, but exfoliating and massaging your skin are good steps to add to your skincare routine. Check the product description of your body scrub to know if it’s safe for all skin types. Those who have a sensitive skin must see a board-certified dermatologist first.

2) Tangerine Essential Oil

Adding tangerine essential oil to your body scrub was said to help get rid of cellulite. This oil aids in skin tightening and hydrating dry skin as it penetrates its deeper layers. It improves the flow of your blood cells and provides nutrients to them. This effect stimulates the regeneration of your cells and tissue growth. It can also help in breaking down fat deposits under your skin. Applying diluted tangerine essential oil will help give you a smoother skin tone and reduce the appearance of bumps from cellulite.

Consult with your dermatologist before applying essential oil. It may be potent and may irritate, especially for those with sensitive skin. Apply carrier oils to dilute the essential oil.

How to Use Tangerine Scrub for Cellulite

Woman applying body scrub on hand at wooden table

Adding scrub with tangerine extract to your body skin care is a good idea for keeping softer skin. However, you should only do this step no more than once to twice a week. Consult first with your dermatologist if you have sensitive skin to avoid allergic reactions. Do this process in the shower to avoid any mess.

  • Cleanse your skin
  • Apply the scrub on wet skin and massage the area in a circular motion with fingertips. You can use a soft cloth or brush.
  • Let it sit on your skin for about 5-10 minutes.
  • Rinse with warm water and use a gentle soap to wash skin.
  • Apply a gentle moisturizer for hydration.

Cellulite Scrub with Tangerine Extract: Does It Work?

Do cellulite scrubs with tangerine work? Scrubs with an excellent star rating may have product benefits and could be a good addition to your skincare routine, but there are still no further studies that support its effectiveness. It may work, but it might not give you the dramatic results you are expecting based on its product details. Many factors can also play a role in reducing cellulite, such as drinking plenty of water, daily exercise, and more.

There may also be many other products in a scrub's ingredient list that may give you satisfying results, such as retinol, carnitine, and such. A scrub with tangerine extract can help maintain the tightness in your skin, so it's not so bad to continue using it. However, it may only do much in getting rid of your cellulite.

How to Make Your Cellulite Scrub

Homemade tangerine exfoliating sugar scrub in the glass jar

Cellulite scrubs with tangerine extract are also a useful product to use for taking care of your skin. It may still provide healthy hydration with dry brushing. You can also do it yourself! Here's how:

1) Gather Ingredients:

  • 1 cup caffeinated coffee grounds
  • 1 cup dead sea salt or sugar
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 6-8 drops of tangerine oil (you may also use lemongrass tangerine extract)

2) Combine Ingredients and Store in a Glass Jar 

Mix the wet and dry ingredients together and put the mixture in a container, preferably a glass jar.

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Topical beauty care products, like scrubs with tangerine extract, can help tighten your skin, but they can only do much in getting rid of your cellulite. To remove your cellulite, you may need to address your fat cells and lymphatic drainage and have a more radical approach.

Here at Cellulite Treatment Center of NJ, we are committed to helping patients regain their beautiful and cellulite-free skin. Our professional physicians and injectors are trained in providing safe QWO procedures to get rid of cellulite efficiently. Call us now and consult with one of our specialists to know more about the treatment. 

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