Should I Use A JetPeel Machine For Cellulite Treatment?

Cellulite is an issue that affects women regardless of their age, skin tone, or even amount of body fat. Even if it's a completely natural phenomenon, it can still affect your self-esteem and make you more conscious of your skin, which is why it's not uncommon for women to start seeking cellulite removal treatments. There are a lot of products and procedures that claim to reduce the appearance of cellulite and leave you with more radiant skin, like the JetPeel procedure.

So how effective is the JetPeel treatment for getting rid of those stubborn wrinkles in your skin? As it turns out, not much. Jet peels are an excellent way to help you get rid of dead skin cells and cleanse the top layer of your skin, but they won't do anything with your fat cells - or even the cellulite itself. However, that isn't to say that this treatment still can't do wonders for your skin.

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How Does A Jet Peel Machine Work?

A jet peel treatment is a non-invasive procedure that works by using a pressurized stream of oxygen to reach the lower layer of skin, allowing cosmetic products like serums and lotion to better penetrate your skin's surface. It works on all people regardless of their skin types or skin color - even on acne-prone and oily skin.

Jet peel treatments are primarily used to get a brighter skin complexion and as a non-invasive cleansing skin treatment, especially with the use of a sterile saline solution as a cleansing component. It's also one of the facial treatments that work best on people with sensitive skin, as the pressurized jet peel technology reaches beneath the deep layers of the skin without being too harsh on the surface.

Jet peel treatments work best as a hydrating skin treatment for dry skin, as the hyaluronic acid used in the accompanying serum helps moisturize the skin. The healthier skin cells help with the improvement of skin complexion, and can even boost the recovery of an injury to the skin caused by acne or sun damage.

Most jet peel machine skin treatments can be provided by a cosmetic practice or a medical spa, usually by itself or as an accompaniment to another cosmetic procedure. It's even possible to combine with other facial treatments, though your provider will discourage you from applying makeup or other products on your skin for about half a day after the procedure.

Why Doesn't A Jet Peel Work On Cellulite?

Despite the amazing capability of jet peel treatments when it comes to giving your hydrated skin, they don't work on the things that cause cellulite - namely the septae beneath the surface of the skin. These are the bands that connect your skin to your muscles and are deeper in your skin than the depth jet peels can reach.

Septae pull down the skin to the muscles, which causes the dimpling that characterizes cellulite. As the body ages and the collagen production of your cells slows down, the sagging of your skin makes your skin less thin, which makes cellulite appearance more obvious. However, other factors like sun damage, loose skin, and genetics can also make the appearance of your cellulite worse.

Jet peels only target the surface area of your skin and don't work on the septae underneath at all. What they can do is to make any creams, lotions, or serums that you apply to your skin directly after jet peel treatment more effective, since it allows topical treatments to reach your skin quicker. But as far as the procedure itself is concerned, it doesn't do anything at all to reduce the appearance of your cellulite.

QWO Injections: Your Non-Invasive Option For Cellulite Treatments

If you're looking for an easy yet effective way to treat cellulite, you can consider QWO injections. QWO treatment is an FDA-approved injectable that works on moderate-to-severe cases of cellulite - the first of its kind in the field of beauty treatments. Relatively painless and with visible results as early as two treatments, it's one of the best options that you can use for getting rid of cellulite for good.

QWO injections don't require any incisions, surgery, or other invasive methods to work, and can be done in a single afternoon. They also don't require any postoperative downtime and have minimal side effects that are usually limited to swelling or bruising at the injection site.

Aside from getting rid of cellulite, QWO injections also stimulate elastin and collagen production, which can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks. They can be used almost anywhere on the skin, with repeated injection sessions providing long-term results.

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Using a jet peel machine is an excellent way to increase the collagen production of your skin as well as deep-cleaning it. But if you're looking for something that can actually remove cellulite, the jet peel procedure won't do much for you. However, you can use it as another treatment to boost the effects of an earlier cosmetic procedure.

Cellulite Treatment Center NJ can help you get better, younger-looking skin by removing cellulite without the need for plastic surgery. As a leading provider of QWO cellulite treatments, we make the latest skin rejuvenation technology more accessible to the market. You can visit our website to know more about our treatments and services, or get in touch with us today to book your first consultation.

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