How Does Dermasonic Cellulite Treatment Work?

Is there lumpy, uneven skin in your thighs, buttocks, and arms? Skin dimpling caused by cellulite is mostly harmless, but many people still look for body contouring and fat reduction treatments to achieve smoother and healthier skin. For those who aren’t prepared for cosmetic surgery like liposuction, Dermasonic Cellulite Treatment is one of the best non-surgical alternatives to try.

So how exactly does dermosonic treatment eliminate cellulite in different parts of the body? Dermosonic is an exceptional cellulite reduction procedure that works by combining ultrasound waves and non-invasive subdermal therapy (NIST) for localized fat elimination and skin smoothing treatments. This procedure also helps improve blood circulation, relieve minor muscle aches, and relax muscle spasms.

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Is Dermasonic Effective for Eliminating Cellulite?

Cellulite isn’t a simple problem of excess body fat. It’s a complex skin condition that affects about 80-90% of adult women in varying severity. The appearance of cellulite on the skin is affected by an individual’s age, genes, body fat percentage, skin texture, impaired circulation of blood and lymph, hormonal imbalance, sedentary lifestyle, accumulated toxins, and pregnancy.

Women are more likely to have visible cellulite on their thighs, arms, and buttocks than men because of the way their bodies store fat cells. The layer of adipose tissue in women is located between the fibrous tissues that connect the skin to the muscles.  The connective tissue pulls the skin down as the fat cells push it up, creating a dimpling appearance that resembles an orange peel or cottage cheese.

Although cellulite is harmless, many people still seek different kinds of body treatment that help reduce its unsightly appearance. Aside from treatments like endermologie, body wrap, cellulite cream, massage therapy, and weight loss program, people also turn to Dermasonic Cellulite Treatment for visible results within just a few weeks.

How it Works

Dermasonic anticellulite treatment is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction and other surgical procedures that eliminate excess fat from the problem areas. It utilizes a unique patented technology that combines ultrasound and vacuum pressure technology to get rid of the stretch mark and cellulite in the treatment site.

The ultrasound component of the treatment softens the fat deposits and relaxes the hardened fibrous tissue in the subcutaneous layer of the dermis. On the other hand, the vacuum massage component stimulates collagen production, increases blood circulation, and improves lymphatic drainage.

Application of Ultrasound

The first stage of a Dermasonic procedure is the use of ultrasound waves for fibrosis breakage, cellulite nodule liberation, and improved blood flow. The goal of this process is to prepare the subcutaneous fat layer for maximum treatment efficiency during the NIST stage.

The doctor or plastic surgeon starts the treatment by applying a specially formulated anti cellulite gel that helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and acts as an ultrasound conductor to reach the subcutaneous tissue. The gel was made with traces of Ruscus aculeatus, iodine-rich extracts, and other ingredients that promote adipose tissue oxidation.

The ultrasound waves of Demasonic treatment move at 32,000 vibrations per minute to open cellular pathways through which skin care products pass. The nutrients found in these products now have access to the deep layers of the skin where new skin cells form. This results in healthier and smoother skin without fine lines, wrinkles, and dimpling.

Application of NIST

For its second phase, Dermasonic utilizes the Non-Invasive Subdermal Therapy to remove accumulated fat and stimulate blood flow. It also enhances the body’s reabsorption and drainage of retained liquids and toxins for better skin texture and elasticity.

During the NIST phase, the plastic surgeon utilizes a special handpiece with pre-set programs and interchangeable heads. The device was specially designed to create a complete vacuum and guarantee its effectiveness on the tissues in the treatment site.

What to Expect About the Treatment

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Dermasonic anti-cellulite treatment is a much safer alternative to a surgical procedure, which is why many patients are intrigued to try it. Here’s what to expect during your first Dermasonic treatment in a trusted med spa:


Like other aesthetic procedures, patients must consult with a medical professional first to find out if they’re qualified for a certain treatment. Although Dermasonic treatment for cellulite is generally safe, patients who take certain medications or have medical conditions might experience serious complications during the treatment or healing process.


Dermasonic anticellulite treatment is a machine-assisted procedure that utilizes a special device to massage specific areas of the body. The device doesn’t cover the entire body, so patients are advised to have multiple treatment sessions for multiple problem sites.

The doctor starts the treatment by applying a massage cream to the treatment area. This allows the machine to glide over the treatment areas easily. The device moves in specific sequences depending on the pre-set program. If the pressure used to grip and release the skin is uncomfortable for you, just tell the technician to adjust the pre-set program.


The entire procedure takes about 60 minutes to complete. Some patients reported feeling as if they worked out their muscles in a gym, while others said that they felt relaxed and refreshed. It’s also normal to feel the frequent need to go to the bathroom as the body tries to flush out the excess fluids. Patients are advised to drink lots of water after their session to help with the detoxification process. They’re also asked to avoid exercising and showering for some time.

Results and Risks to Expect

Before going through any type of aesthetic treatment, it’s also important to learn about the kind of results to expect and the possible risks of the procedure. This helps patients create informed decisions about body enhancement procedures.


Dermasonic Anticellulite Treatment targets the mechanical, circulatory, and functional causes of the problem to deliver optimal results. Patients usually need two 60-minute sessions of the treatment every week for 6 weeks to see visible results. Monthly maintenance treatments are also recommended to enjoy smoother skin for longer.


Dermasonic is a safer alternative to plastic surgery. It doesn’t have serious side effects, as long as the procedure is performed by a board-certified doctor, plastic surgeon, or cosmetic expert. Patients might feel the need to pee after the treatment, which is the body’s way to flush out excess fluids and toxins. Make sure to drink plenty of water after the procedure to help the body with detoxification and prevent dehydration.

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