Everything You Need to Know About the Endermologie Treatment

The appearance of cellulite is one of the most dreaded cosmetic issues many women (and men) have. They're not easy to avoid and sometimes just show up without warning. Aside from topical products and scrubs, there are now promising solutions for treating cellulite and bringing back a more toned body, such as the Lipo-Massage or the Endermologie treatment. This may help remove the dimpled appearance on your thighs, buttocks, and other areas with fat deposits.

So what is an LPG Endermologie treatment? LPG Endermologie is an FDA-approved massage treatment for cellulite reduction using mechanical rollers that improve the treated area's blood flow and lymphatic drainage. It also minimizes water retention in the process as it sucks up the skin, sucking up the body's excess fluids. It's also said to promote collagen production activation leaving lighter and firmer skin.

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What is an LPG Endermologie Treatment?

The LPG Endermologie is a non-invasive procedure that offers a deep massage on the skin to break up fat cells, reducing the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite appears because a layer of fat has accumulated under our skin. The fat cells and the body's connective tissues have interacted, resulting in dimpled skin like an orange peel.

1) How It Works

The Endermologie Lipomassage reduces unsightly cellulite appearance through a process of fat release, called lipolysis–it uses mechanical rollers that massage the treated area. The fat deposits released in the process convert into energy, and the deep tissue massage stimulates elastin and collagen production, leaving the skin tighter and smoother.

The mechanical roller also suctions the skin and the soft tissues in the process of massaging. This suction allows the body to improve blood flow, lymphatic circulation, and excess fluids. Aside from the water, the mechanical roller also absorbs toxins, decreasing water retention.

2) How The Procedure Goes

The common recommendation to receive the best results from Lipomassage is to get 12-16 Endermologie treatment sessions with an interval of one to two weeks, though this will vary per person. Patients will take additional treatments to enhance the results of their cellulite treatment.

Each session doesn't last long–it takes about 35-50 minutes. The patients will also enjoy little to no downtime and side effects.

Patients generally don't feel pain from the procedure because it's non-invasive, but they may feel slight discomfort, especially those sensitive. Some patients even find the treatment relaxing.

Those who need to prepare for this non-invasive treatment need to keep themselves hydrated. Drinking lots of water will help the body flush out fat and toxins from the fat cells throughout the procedure through urination.

3) Who Are The Ideal Candidates

Those seeking to undergo LPG Endermologie treatment must be of good health. The ideal candidates are those who seek a non-invasive cellulite treatment. Experts don't recommend this treatment to patients with a history of thrombophlebitis and cancer.

Pregnant women are also discouraged from receiving this treatment. But they are very welcome after their pregnancy if they want solutions for cellulite, sagging skin, bloating, and localized fat. Generally, the Endermologie treatment is suitable for everyone.

4) What to Expect from LPG Endermologie Treatment

Patients may expect a reduced appearance of their cellulite and sagging skin, giving them a more toned look. It may also remove localized fat in areas difficult to burn through diet and exercise. 

However, the LPG Endermologie treatment isn't an alternative to weight loss treatments. Patients wouldn't receive significant changes in their body weight, though this treatment is a perfect complement if they're already in a program for losing extra weight as it addresses sagging skin.

The results of the Endermologie treatment may also be enhanced by keeping track of regular exercise routines before and after the procedure. Patients will still notice results, such as having toned and smooth skin, but leading a fit and healthy lifestyle will bring better results.

What it Does for the Body

toned young body of the girl after cellulite treatment

The LPG Endermologie treatment generally reduces the appearance of cellulite. Aside from this, it may also give you a more toned appearance as it reduces localized fat. Another benefit of Lipomassage is its skin tightening and relaxing effect.

1) Removes Cellulite

The Endermologie treatment improves lymphatic and blood circulation, which will help flush out fat deposits that cause cellulite. It also suctions excess fluid and stimulates collagen production for tighter skin.

2) Tones the Skin

As the process flushes out fat deposits, this procedure may also remove stubborn fat that is difficult to burn with exercises, such as the bulges on the stomach, thighs, and arms. It reduces the fat above the muscles, called subcutaneous fat.

3) Aids in Relaxation

This procedure also has therapeutic benefits–it's still a type of massage, after all. As a spa treatment, it offers relief for muscle pains, spasms, and other discomforts. Its therapeutic benefits also include lowering stress levels and relieving the patient's anxiety.

Other Options for Treating Cellulite

There are also other cellulite treatment methods for the reduction of cellulite available, such as the QWO. QWO are FDA-approved injectable treatments for treating cellulite, especially in the buttocks area. 

These injectables contain collagenase clostridium histolyticum-aaes-they are collagen-degrading enzymes that break down collagen's peptide bonds. Once injected, the tissues undergo a process called Enzymatic Subcision and Remodeling, where it dissolves the collagen bands that fat deposits protrude through, creating cellulite.

The improvements will be noticeable after 1-2 treatment sessions, but the full results will usually be more evident after 3 treatments throughout 3 months of undergoing the procedure. Patients may expect to receive 1 vial in a session, which is 12 shots. The sensation of the QWO injectables is the same as Botox injections. Those looking for quicker results for cellulite reduction may benefit from QWO treatments.

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Before and After shot of a cellulite treatment

The LPG Endermologie treatment provides hope for those who long to finally remove their cellulite. It also shows promising numbers as far as their effectiveness is concerned. Aside from this treatment, there might also be other medical procedures that patients may explore. While they serve the same cosmetic purpose, there are still nuances fit for every patient's preferences.

Seek a reliable clinic for addressing your cellulite, such as the Cellulite Treatment Center of NJ. We are committed to delivering our services for our customers' safety and satisfaction. Know more about your options on cellulite reduction and book a consultation with us.

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