Foods That Detox the Liver and Remove Cellulite

Weight loss isn't just the mere removal of excess fat cell clusters from places you don't want them to be in — it involves the comprehensive trimming down of everything that can cause weight gain. A key aspect that most people on a fat flush plan tend to overlook is the crucial role that the liver plays in helping remove fat, as well as what it can do to prevent cellulite formation.

So what are foods that detox the liver and remove cellulite? Typically, healthy fats are easily processed by the liver and help build connective tissue and muscle in the space that's usually taken up by fat. Other detoxing drinks and foods can also help with speeding up the detoxing process of the liver, as well as improving other bodily functions like blood flow and collagen production.

Why Healthy Liver Function and Liver Cleansing Can Prevent Cellulite Formation

The liver is in charge of many of your body's essential functions — from storing vitamin C and other nutrients to creating fatty acids from carbs and protein, but perhaps its best-known functions are detoxing harmful compounds like heavy metals, purifying the blood used in blood circulation, and overall helping remove harmful toxins that can affect your body and skin.

A healthy liver helps in cellulite prevention since it can easily filter out the harmful toxins that would then get turned into excess fat cells and weight gain, which eventually lead to cellulite. A liver detox can help someone who’s having difficulty removing the usual fat-causing toxins from their diet and can complement other weight loss methods without having to be too intrusive or bothersome to keep up.

After all, cellulite is simply another form of fat, and if your body can easily remove toxins from the food you eat, you’re less likely to develop fat cell deposits like cellulite in the long run. Since the liver is the center of the body’s entire detoxing process, changing what you feed it (and therefore improving liver health) can help reduce the likelihood of cellulite formation.

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Foods That Help Your Liver and Remove Cellulite

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While simply staying away from saturated fat can make a difference in your diet short term, it’s only by introducing foods that can actively help your liver detox which can help you reduce cellulite formation. Here are some additives, foods, and other organic compounds that you can use to help improve your liver health and remove cellulite:

1. Vegetable oils

Vegetable oils like coconut oil, olive oil, and extra-virgin olive oil have long been touted for having health effects and for keeping your liver free of toxins. They can help improve liver enzyme levels, decrease the amount of “bad fat” it can absorb, and overall increase blood flow and blood circulation. They’re healthier alternatives to common cooking oils like margarine and butter, and they can also add a certain flavor to a dish that you might be pleasantly surprised by!

Take care to not get synthetic variants of vegetable oils, since those may have compounds that may conflict with your ongoing detox or fat flush routine. As much as possible, get the purest form you can get without having to sacrifice quality or pricing. A farmer’s market, for example, has excellent choices that you can browse and pick to your liking.

2. Milk thistle

Milk thistle is one of the most effective ways you can naturally repair liver damage, as the silymarin compounds can help you ease inflammation and increase cell repair and regrowth rate. This can help manage some common liver diseases and conditions like fatty liver or cirrhosis, but it also works well as a method to prevent more serious issues like liver cancer.

Keep in mind that adding milk thistle won’t immediately make changes to your liver. It’ll take time for your liver to get accustomed to the compounds in the milk thistle before they start working. On average, it can take anywhere from up to three to four months for your liver to fully enjoy the benefits of you adding milk thistle to your diet, though consistent use in research has yielded promising results when it comes to liver detox.

3. Assorted juices and drinks

Lemon juice, unsweetened cranberry juice, green tea, and celery juice can all benefit the liver by making it more efficient at removing toxins from your system, especially when ingested early in the morning. By having your body ingest the antioxidants found in these drinks at the start of your day, you feel more invigorated and better-equipped to mentally take on the challenges of the day.

One thing to note is that while these drinks are generally considered beneficial for your health, you should be careful using them if you have a pre-existing condition in your liver. These drinks are far more likely to work if your liver isn’t struggling with issues of its own since the effects of digesting the strong compounds of these juices and its own attempts to manage itself can easily overwhelm your liver and cause liver damage.

4. Cruciferous vegetables

Broccoli, mustard greens, and brussels sprouts have high fiber content and increase the detoxification activity that your liver can achieve, which can help make it more efficient at filtering harmful toxins from your body. This effect is actually potent enough that it can still benefit your liver even if any of these vegetables are cooked, though keep in mind that any additives like cooking oil will also affect your liver health if you aren’t careful.

Aside from improving your detoxing process, cruciferous vegetables also contain essential compounds that can allow you to repair connective tissue, build muscle, and overall improve the appearance of your skin and body. With regular consumption of these foods, you’re able to look better and feel better within a few weeks. They can be added to a wide variety of dishes or function on their own as snacks, which makes them easier to introduce to your diet.

5. Nuts

Nuts are known for their antioxidant properties, but they also contain plenty of vitamin E and other compounds that can help lower the risk of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. By introducing nuts to your diet, you can potentially reap the benefits of detoxing your liver and also improving your heart health at the same time. Even if further research is required to understand the full efficacy of nuts on liver health, the earliest tests have proved to be very promising.

Nuts are also extremely easy to add to most diets and can be consumed in a variety of forms. But you must remember that how you prepare and eat the nuts can play a part in your liver health as well. As much as possible, try to consume nuts without adding anything artificial to your meal, and snack on them regularly between meals to accustom your body to it.

6. Fish

Fatty fish are rich in omega 3 and omega 6 oils, healthy fats that can help liver health by reducing inflammation. While you do have to be careful with your consumption of omega 3 fats and omega 6 fats (as balancing both is important for a healthy liver), simply adding fatty fish to your diet can make a huge difference in how your liver detoxes and prevents you from getting too much weight gain.

Aside from helping the liver, fatty fish can also reduce the harmful fat around the heat and in your blood vessels. This can help increase your blood flow and prevent issues from cropping up with your blood circulation, which can often lead to long-term debilitating conditions that only worsen as you get older.

One thing to note about all these foods is that none of them should be the main focus of your diet without the advice of a nutritionist or your doctor. For people with food allergies or pre-existing conditions, some of these foods may conflict with your own recommended diets and medications, so you must consult with a medical professional before starting to eat more of them.

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A healthy liver is one of the hallmarks of good health — and in trying to promote good liver health, you get rid of harmful toxins and may even cut down on cellulite formation in general. By paying attention to what you bring into your digestive tract, you can increase the number of healthy fats in your system and give your liver enzymes a much-needed boost.

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