Can Thigh Lift Reduce Cellulite?

When patients have extreme weight loss in the thighs, they might be searching for a solution to have more toned and smoother legs—or maybe seeking a technique to treat the excess thigh skin that occurs with aging. A thigh lift may be an option for some people who want to eliminate loose skin. It's critical to know that a thigh lift is a surgical procedure with some risks, specifically if underlying health conditions are present or aren't of a healthy weight.

So can thigh lift reduce cellulite? Since thigh lift surgery helps in skin tightening, the appearance of cellulite can decrease. A plastic surgeon may recommend a combination of thigh lift surgery with body contouring procedures for best results. This reduces excess fat from hard-to-reach fat deposits and connective tissue from multiple body parts, such as the belly, hips, lower back, and buttocks.

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Thigh Lift: What Is It and How Does It Work Against Cellulite?

A thigh lift is a surgical procedure that offers people a contoured appearance of their thighs and buttocks. A thigh lift, also known as a hamstring extension, includes the fat removal procedure of a considerable portion of the upper thigh and the lower thigh tissues. Fascia is the procedure of removing the excess tissues that build up the legs. 

After removing the tissue, the plastic surgeon will tighten the muscles in the buttocks for a firmer appearance. While this thigh lift technique may appear intrusive, it usually leads to a speedy recovery process and minor pain or soreness following the procedure.

The Key Advantage

Rather than removing the lower leg, most of the thigh lift procedures nowadays are conducted using a skin-covering approach. It enables the surgeon to put the tissues more precisely for maximum efficiency. 

The skin-covering process also permits the surgeon to perform any necessary modifications for the improved cellulite appearance. A thigh lift with today's sophisticated procedures is very comparable to what would be called minimally invasive cosmetic procedures but provides a spectacular appearance.

This treatment has numerous advantages to the lower-extension or thigh cellulite. The primary benefit is that it can aid in the reduction of flabby, cellulite appearance in the legs. Many women struggle with  having a banana roll type of fat on their lower legs, giving their lower part the look of the top half. This can cause some to cover these imperfections with their clothes and lose their confidence in the process. 

As the body ages, collagen production slows down. This can lead to  thigh skin, along with the skin in the lower stomach, to be less elastic and even different in texture. The appearance of stretch marks, sagging skin, and other indicators of skin aging  often come from this.

Other Forms of Thigh Lift Procedures

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Cellulite can appear on every area of the legs. A plastic surgeon will assess the patient's cellulite and recommend the best type of thigh lift procedure for them.

1. Inner Thigh Lift

People frequently have inner thighs cellulite. In this case, an inner thigh lift may be beneficial. The plastic surgeon will make minimal incisions between the thigh crease and groin to the buttock crease. Next, the plastic surgeon will eliminate the excess skin and fat.

2. Vertical Thigh Lift

Cellulite can be an unwanted consequence of unpredictable weight fluctuations. Many patients select a vertical thigh lift because cellulite is substantially more noticeable following an extreme weight loss. The cut begins at the groin crease and continues down inside the knee. It enables the surgeon to eliminate a significant amount of skin and resistant fat.

3. Medial Thigh Lift

People with inner upper thighs cellulite may benefit from the medial thigh lift procedure. The qualified surgeon will begin the incisions on the inner thigh and conclude this at the buttock roll.

4. Mini Thigh Lift

The surgeon may conclude if a patient is a candidate for a small thigh lift based on the unique demands. This surgery involves smaller incisions than other types of thigh lift, requiring groin incisions. It works nicely, especially on the upper-inner region of the thighs.

5. Spiral Thigh Lift

A spiral thigh lift procedure is an option for people with cellulite all over their thighs. This treatment for cellulite sculpts the whole thigh by targeting the front, back, inner and outer thighs. The incision begins beneath the buttocks and extends between the thigh crease and pubic regions.

6. Outer Thigh Lift (Bilateral Thigh Lift)

An outer thigh lift treats the exterior of the thighs. The treatment entails making an incision in the groin that reaches the lower spine and hip.

7. Thigh Lift with Liposuction

In some circumstances, the thigh's skin elasticity is low. In conjunction with thigh lift surgery, the physician may suggest liposuction to eliminate excessive fat cells and stop skin sagging.

Procedure and Recovery

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The surgeon will advise the patient to cease taking any blood-thinning medications that cause excessive bleeding before undergoing a thigh lift procedure. Aspirin, some vitamins, and anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen are some examples of these medications. The surgeon may also request a medical history to determine if a patient is suitable for the procedure.

During the treatment, patients will be placed under a general anesthetic. Depending on the chosen form of thigh lift, the surgeon will create the necessary incisions. They will next remove any fat cells and excess skin before putting sutures to heal the wounds. The overall process takes about at least 2 hours. 

Because the patient will spend a few more hours for both pre-op and post-op, the complete procedure will take almost an entire day. It's a wise option to let someone take the patient to and from the surgery and stay up overnight if something goes wrong.

Recovery Time

Before leaving the hospital, the surgeon will apply coverings to the wounds to reduce inflammation. Surgeons may also place a tube to assist in the drainage of extra fluids and blood from the site. 

A patient will have to schedule a follow-up visit with the surgeon to remove the coverings and fully let the body heal. Like most plastic surgery procedures, thigh lifts are deemed substantial treatments, and patients will need to take time off from work to heal.

Patients will almost inevitably feel some discomfort, swelling, and bruising for several days following the treatment. Seeing more contour to the thighs is an immediate result, but the final results will take about a few months.

Patients must discuss any increasing pain or the appearance of blood through stitches or dressings with the doctor as soon as possible. Patients should also consult the doctor when having any of the following symptoms:

  • numbness
  • chills
  • fever
  • wound separation

Should a Person Undergo a Thigh Lift Procedure?

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Although the thigh lift procedure is intended solely to eliminate cellulite on the thighs, patients frequently report a more pleasing entire skin texture after the thigh cellulite reduction. 

Since a piece of the thigh skin is cut, and a variety of fat cells are eliminated, most patients find that a thighplasty improves the curvaceous appearance of their legs and thigh cellulite. If cellulite is the primary issue, a complementary and alternative cellulite therapy may be more suitable. During the appointment, make sure to address the particular problems, especially thigh cellulite, to help achieve your desired goals.

Patients who are thinking of getting a thigh lift surgery must:

  • Maintain good health.
  • Maintain a stable and healthy weight.
  • Have extra, sagging thigh skin
  • Desire a better leg form
  • Have reasonable expectations.

Although most women and men who match these requirements are eligible for thigh lift procedures, it’s critical to be assessed by a board-qualified, skilled, and experienced plastic surgeon to see if a thigh lift is suitable. 

QWO Cellulite Treatment: The Better Alternative to Thigh Lift Procedures

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While surgical thigh lift treatments produce great cellulite reduction results, some patients just aren’t qualified or ready for a plastic surgery. It’s better to opt for a safer alternative like QWO cellulite treatment if the patient isn’t prepared for the long downtime or possible risks that come with a thigh lift procedure.

QWO cellulite treatment is a safe and effective non-surgical procedure for reducing the appearance of cellulite in different parts of the body. It’s approved by the FDA as a cellulite removal procedure for dimpled skin in the buttocks, but off-label use for other areas is also safe as long as it’s performed by an experienced medical practitioner.

During a QWO cellulite reduction treatment, the doctor injects the medication into the treatment areas. These injectables contain collagenases that target the fibrous bands underneath the skin which cause dimpling to appear. QWO also redistributes the fat cells and stimulates the body’s production of new collagen for smoother skin in the treated areas.

Since QWO cellulite reduction treatment doesn’t require plastic surgery, patients don’t have to worry about a long recovery process or life-threatening complications. This procedure is also safe for almost anyone as long as they have good overall health.

However, patients who are pregnant, lactating, or allergic to any of the ingredients in the injectable should look for other treatments that work for them. The patient also shouldn’t have bleeding problems that might affect their recovery.

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