What Are The Benefits of Anti Cellulite Massage?

From wrinkles, acne, to sagging skin, women already have a lot to worry about once they reach their post-pubertal stage and the appearance of cellulite should be the least of their concerns. Thankfully, there are several non-invasive procedures that can help reduce the appearance of dimpled skin. One of the treatments that many women can get from their cosmetic provider or do by themselves at home is anti-cellulite massage therapy. 

So how can an anti-cellulite massage help improve cellulite? A massage treatment offers various benefits for banishing stubborn cellulite. For one, it can stimulate and stretch the skin tissues to smooth out the cellulite dimples. It can improve blood flow and lymphatic circulation to get rid of the toxins and fluid buildup that contribute to visible cellulite. The therapy also helps break down the fat layer underneath the skin and relax the cellulite-causing fibrous bands. 

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Different Ways That A Massage Can Help Your Cellulite 

Many people think that cellulite is just excess fat that appears bulging on the skin surface. While there’s some truth in it, cellulite is actually the result of the accumulation of fat deposits in the tough bands or tissues that connect the skin to the muscle. As the fibrous bands pull down on the skin, the fat cells continue to expand which leads to the familiar orange peel skin or cottage cheese appearance of cellulite.

The main idea behind deep massage therapy for cellulite reduction is that it breaks up the fatty layer underneath the skin. It’s said to target areas with stubborn fat that can be difficult to lose such as in the thighs or buttocks. Other benefits of an anti-cellulite massage can include: 

1) Stimulates the skin tissues in areas affected by cellulite 

A massage therapist can use special massage techniques to release the tension in the fibrous bands, allowing the skin to relax and improve the appearance of cellulite. The physical manipulation applied to the skin also promotes the improved flow of oxygen and nutrients that can help repair and strengthen the connective tissues in the affected area. 

2) Promotes better blood circulation and lymphatic drainage  

Poor circulation can weaken the connective tissue which can lead to an increased risk for cellulite formation. An effective massage treatment applies adequate pressure to help the blood to flow normally to the tissues and reduce the visible cellulite bumps. 

Additionally, an anti-cellulite massage can improve the function of the body’s lymphatic systems. A therapist can perform a specialized lymphatic drainage massage to get rid of water retention and flush toxins to combat cellulite.  

3) Redistributes fat cells that accumulated in the connective tissues 

A therapist usually performs the massage treatment manually by hand to create a circular motion to apply pressure and activate the deep tissues. While this activation process is meant to improve blood circulation, it also targets the pockets of fat beneath the skin with the goal to redistribute the fat deposits in the body. This in turn reduces the amount of body fat in the treatment area and improves the dimpled look of cellulite. 

4) Encourages collagen production to tighten and firm up the skin 

Another benefit of massage therapies is that they can stimulate cell regeneration and collagen growth. Massaging the entire body can increase its natural ability to heal the connective tissues as well as provide a boost to collagen production and produce new skin cells to improve overall skin elasticity in areas with cellulite. 

How Effective Is Anti Cellulite Massage?

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Although an anti-cellulite massage can improve skin health and lessen cellulite, it may not be able to get rid of them for good. One possible drawback is that it only provides short-term improvements. There is also not enough evidence to prove the efficiency of certain massage techniques in addressing the root of the cellulite problem. 

Moreover, it can require frequent visits to your provider for regular massage sessions to maintain its effects. Massages can better work as adjunctive treatment to maximize the results of specialized cellulite removal procedures.

What Are Common Types Of Anti Cellulite Massage? 

While a massage treatment can only provide temporary cellulite reduction, they are still a good choice for those who are looking to naturally treat their dimpled skin and feel instantly better about their body. Here are some of the common forms of massages that can be used to treat cellulite: 

Massage Technique How Does It Work For Cellulite? 
Regular massage with oils This type of massage involves the use of essential or anti-cellulite oils to assist in breaking down the adipose tissue beneath the skin. 
It’s important to use the right hand motions and forceful movements like kneading, pinching, or pounding the skin to increase blood flow and reduce cellulite.
This can be done with the help of a massage therapist or you can do it at home on your thighs and legs for about 15-20 minutes. 
Endermologie This method of removing cellulite follows the concept of a deep tissue massage. It’s a noninvasive procedure that focuses on treating the areas with cellulite with the use of vacuum suction.The idea is to send enough pressure to the skin layer to break up the fat cells and smoothen the surface to improve the cellulite appearance. 
Dry brushing Dry brushing is another massage technique that can be easily done at home. For this one, a soft-bristle brush is used to rub the skin in long strokes or circular motions. A simple brushing session helps stimulate blood flow in areas with cellulite. Likewise, it’s said to promote the exfoliation of dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin to help improve texture and appearance. 
Vacuum cupping A vacuum cupping is a form of anti-cellulite massage that uses suction cups to lift the skin tissues. This procedure is believed to break down the fatty tissue and remove excess fluid retention to improve cellulite.  

Can You Do Cellulite Massage At Home?  

It’s generally a good idea to get the massage treatment from a professional but if you think your cellulite condition is still mild, you can do it on your own with the help of handheld massagers and foam rollers for cellulite. You may also use a cellulite cream which offers benefits for brightening and tightening loose skin.

It’s also important to know the basics of anti-cellulite massage techniques. Here are some tips to help you self-massage at home: 

  • Don’t hesitate to apply force when massaging the thighs, legs, and buttocks 
  • Use both hands to deliver strong movements to stimulate the tissues 
  • Make sure that you are directing the flow of blood up towards the heart
  • Alternate between using your knuckles, palm, and fingers when massaging the skin  
  • Knead and gently press the skin to release the bulges of fat under the skin 
  • Use long sweeping strokes to relax the body as you finish the massage 

To get the most out of your at-home cellulite massage, you should also incorporate certain lifestyle changes. Exercising, following a healthy diet, and drinking plenty of water can reduce cellulite appearance and keep them from coming back. 

What To Do If You Don’t See Improvements From Massage Treatments

When you’re not getting the results you want from cellulite massages, there is one popular cosmetic treatment that has been proven to provide noticeable improvements and that is the QWO injectable. QWO contains a solution of collagen-degrading enzymes that breaks up the structural components that form cellulite. 

QWO injections essentially target the fibrous septae and also reduce the thickness of the fat layer beneath the skin by redistributing the fat cells in the body. It’s a safe procedure that can be performed within 15 minutes and one of its main selling points is that it comes with minimal  downtime and side effects. 

To get the best results from the injections, dermatologists suggest at least 3 treatment sessions of QWO which are scheduled 21 days apart. This is the first and only injectable treatment for cellulite that is approved by the FDA and its results are said to last for several months to a year. 

Try Non-Invasive QWO Injections For Cellulite At Cellulite Treatment Center Of NJ

There’s no doubt that massage therapy has several health benefits but its effects for reducing cellulite are typically short-lived. For moderate to severe skin dimpling, it’s still best to go to a trusted doctor or aesthetic provider to get the appropriate cellulite removal procedure. 

Here at Cellulite Treatment Center of NJ, we are committed to helping patients regain their beautiful and cellulite-free skin. Our professional physicians and injectors are trained in providing safe QWO procedures to get rid of cellulite efficiently. Call us now and consult with one of our specialists to know more about the treatment. 

Melt Away Your Cellulite Today at the Cellulite Treatment Center of NJ


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